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Berkeley Brewing Science



Let Yeast Do Work

We engineer yeast to do more. Our yeast can eliminate off-flavors, streamline production processes, maximize ingredient potentials, and produce wildly complex aromas. With customizable strains and an ongoing R&D program, BBS yeast is engineered to work alongside the brewer to save time and money, and to reduce beer’s impact on the environment.

How it works

BBS uses GE technology to program brewers' favorite yeast strains to give them a boost.  

Explore our strains

Choose from a variety of classic strains or order a custom strain tailored to your brewery's specifications.

Featured Beer

Cadillac Rainbows

Almanac Brewing Co., Alameda CA

Hazy DIPA brewed with a new hazy yeast strain that kicks off some delightful floral fruity notes, and dry-hopped with some 2019 centennial & mosaic. Truly the Cadillic of rainbows!

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