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Berkeley Brewing Science



BBS Strains

BBS has a variety of strains available for brewing. Flavor profiles include: fruit (berry, cantaloupe), hops (floral, citrus), and specialty flavors (peppercorn, ginger, cinnamon). Additional benefits include: reduction of off flavors, better yield on heavily-hopped beers, and money saved on material costs. Check out our store for more details.

Custom Strains

Looking for something unique? BBS designs custom strains tailored to your brewery’s specifications. Flavors on demand, fermentation performance optimization, reduction of off flavors, and more. Contact us at info@bbsbeer.com if interested.

Is BBS yeast safe?

Absolutely, and here’s why: A gene is a DNA sequence that encodes an enzyme with a specific function. In this case, the yeast is using edible plant genes to make enzymes that produce flavor molecules. These flavor molecules are identical to the ones normally found in hops and other plants. Other than gaining the ability to produce hop flavors, the yeast is identical to standard American Ale yeast. The FDA agrees with us, too (see our GRAS notice).